the great champions have very clear objectives

Translation of the interview with Dominic Thiem published on the tennisnet newspaper

In these days Dominic Thiem has more free time than usual: due to coronavirus positivity, the Austrian is still in Marbella, where he returned to play last week. Although the two-set defeat against Pedro Cachín was not the desired result, the 28-year-old appeared anything but surprised by the defeat. “The most important thing is not to have felt any pain. From the point of view of the game, it could not have been expected otherwise. I would have stayed a lot surprised if I won even one game“, Thiem told ORF (the Austrian national radio and television) during the program “Sport am Sonntag”, citing the convalescence of more than nine months as the main reason for the defeat.

“MANY THINGS ARE STILL MISSING” “There is still a long way to go” noted Thiem, who especially lacked the automatisms in his game. Moreover “The forehand is not yet at the same level as before”. Traditionally it is one of the Austrian’s most fearsome weapons, but in the match against Cachín it appeared far from the effectiveness shown before the wrist injury. However, Thiem is confident about the possibility of returning to churn out the usual performances: “The goal is to return to the highest levels already this year. It would be exceptional to do so by the end of the season “said the number 50 of the ranking, that he never considered the hypothesis of withdrawal.

The US Open 2020 champion still has plans for the future: “Anyone who has gotten used to being one of the main favorites of any tournament in the past feels the need to go back and experience those sensations: the same goes for me. Otherwise I would no longer have any incentives from tennis. I want to start fighting for the great titles again and be able to beat the best in the world“. However, things are getting difficult for Roland Garros, which Thiem had initially declared as the great goal of these months. The Austrian himself is rather cautious: “For sure I will not be able to present myself at the usual levels, given the lack of time. I had a very delicate injury and too long a convalescence. However, I feel I can arrive in Paris in a good state of form, which allows me to get the better of many opponents and at least be able to “annoy” the best players. I will not be able to do more ”.

MONTECARLO OBJECTIVE – To get back in top form, Thiem above all needs more hours on the tennis courts: “With every set I play in training, I feel better and better. I also had the opportunity to experience it in Marbella, where I trained and played with other professionals. As the training sessions and hopefully the games played increase, I will be able to engage more and more“, declared the winner of 17 ATP titles. We do not yet know for sure when the next match of the Austrian will take place, who had to give up in Marrakech due to the positivity to Covid. Given the slight symptoms, however, Thiem hopes to be at the start of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo. Otherwise he would return to the Belgrade tournament, scheduled for 18 April.

Translation by Andrés Enrique Liss

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