the inhumane treatment, the millionaire scam, the truth about Zanoli and Spalletti that he is not an idiot

Mario Rui and Lobotka the best, great performance by Insigne and surprising performance of the young Zanoli at Napoli in Bergamo

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Zero room for the mediocre insultor disguised in the herd. Can you imagine him looking at the Kalidou statuary from the bottom up? Would he have the balls to throw up his stupidity? He would be silent, but we can’t do the same. We don’t have to fear this body, but his mind does. Because he is looking for accomplices, support, vipers who perhaps have the same poison inside their chest, the incurable disease of intolerance. Outside the stadiums. Out of my balls such an animal.

One is the social experiment staged in Turin. How strange to find yourself on the other side of the fence, inside the hotels with the lost badges. Suddenly losing your aplomb, suddenly seeing the effect it does when injustice spills over your head. Merry he loses his head and even his jacket and the referees no longer become the alibis of the losers. How miserable life is in the abuse of power.

Two goals in the championship of Politano who breaks an exhausting fast like that of Fantozzi struggling with the meatballs of Bavaria. Matteo’s shot in the dark was wonderful, with a difficulty coefficient 3.1, which is an exemplary ballistic performance, but not only. It’s a big leap of faith: Matteo ‘Don’t look up’ simply because he trusts Insigne’s talents. He doesn’t need to check, he strongly believes that the ball will arrive at that point. And he lets himself be found on time for his appointment with destiny. There is so much of this Spalletti’s Napoli in this pure gesture of fidelity.

Three in the league for Elmas, may you always find him good for what you need. He has changed more roles than certain acrobats in parliament but, unlike them, he has always remained consistent in his contribution and commitment. He enters with the right timing in the plot of the race, finding the argument that closes the debate. He pronounces Macedonian, a flavor we had already tasted last week. Here, however, it is an absolute enjoyment.

Four assists for Lozano. There is all the will to win the race in the restart finalized by Chucky, with a detail not to be missed: the movement in the center of the Koulibaly, which frees up space for Elmas. If your central defender is the most advanced man you have in the 81st minute, he means that in your head you have a voice that whispers nonstop: try it, maybe it’s the right time.

Five to those who can’t look. Which evaluates a journey from the finish, without enjoying the road. The luminary of the ball Dries, for all Ciro, Mertens in Bergamo he starts to be a director. He studies spaces, waits and hopes, forcing hope with action. The movement that leads to the penalty that unlocks the game is a short, deep, indelible scratch on the walls of the game and in Atalanta’s fears. He had done the same, scoring, 4 years ago on the same pitch. There sign, here it was sixth but the concept does not change: Oops! … I Did It Again.

You are like a breath, a deep breath of oxygen after the apneas of the past few weeks. At the worst moment, with the hourglass that inexorably consumes the grains of farewell, here is Insigne in its original version: 100% urchin. He places a ball behind Musso that weighs as much as Fontana del Carciofo, then simulates a dialogue with Mario Rui and then suddenly beats the rogue punishment for Politano, sending the Bergamo defense into a tailspin. Courage and cunning at the service of the team: good Lorenzo.

Seven to play and Spalletti shows another version of his Napoli. Same and different, coherent but the strength to admit one’s mistakes, capable of renewing oneself without tarnishing one’s own identity. Because there is no one truth, one way to win, one way to get results. There are readings, interpretations, questions that require answers to be processed quickly. Without three columns, he knew he had to bet on other stuff: Luciano is not an idiot.

Otto to Zanoli, who seems to come out of the cast of the Manifest series. Disappeared for years on Flight 828, what must have been a frightened rookie, he shows up in Bergamo as a veteran. He does not retreat, he does not doubt, he does not tremble and he never gives up his soul to haste. Far from it: on the assist to Mertens (then landed in the area by Musso) he amazes the clarity with which he awaits the best moment to serve his teammate. As Spalletti says there is an exciting ordinariness in the performance of this boy who already appeared solid, aware, damn ready. “Ah, in me are all the roads. Any distance or direction or end belongs to me, it is me. The rest is the part of me that I call my outer world ”. That does not seem to upset the young Alexander.

Nine to the inhumane treatment that Lobotka imposes on his opponents. Like the Alex DeLarge of A Clockwork Orange, it subjects its rivals to a ‘Loboktomia‘(I claim the neologism): he forces them to watch a game that he has already drawn in his head, in his area he does what Stan decides, he keeps his rhythms and the others can only stay there to chase, going crazy behind this rhythm syncopation made up of sudden jolts and equally unexpected accelerations. It is the real novelty, the substantial difference between one (Gattuso) who didn’t understand anything about him and the other (Spalletti) who saw the natural evolution of his Napoli. It is the blue sundial: it is Stan who marks the time and not the other way around.

Ten to Mario Rui, the last of the dreamers. Outpost in defense of the imperfect, of those who have a wardrobe with some skeleton but don’t want to hide it. He turned fierce criticism into growing motivation, displaying a world-class understanding of the game. In Bergamo he seemed to have already seen the race, a broker who does insider trading knowing the flow of shares in advance. Seeing him towering in that left-handed lane is a vindication by the loyal backers, damned intelligent but sometimes distracted, too romantic to be framed in a cliché. Long live Mario, his diversity, his past full of falls, his ability to regenerate himself, his unshakable faith in the future. We are Mario, defeated, beaten, but always standing and ready to support apparently crazy ideas.

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