The Lane breaks up with its fans


GREAT 6: at 7 ‘he blocks well on Mogos. Unable to draw the guests. He does not make obvious mistakes but does not convince in the foot raises. It is useless to cling to the absence of Contini. Today the music would not have changed …

MAY 5.5: booked on 23 ‘. Of him the raid in the 69th minute that pierces the Calabrian defense: it is the best moment of Lane. In general he tries to make his contribution on the right but rarely manages to scare his opponents.

DI MAIO 5: Marras gets light too easily in the area on the equalizer. Also this time he is not convincing: maybe Maric does not make havoc, but it is at the center that Crotone slips into its most dangerous bets. It was supposed to be the prestigious purchase that would have bolted the defense, but it didn’t.

BROSCO 5: on 28 ‘yellow card for a useless foul. Also thanks to him on 1-1. As usual some smudges. You can’t put the cross on him because in this Vicenza the responsibilities are more collective than individual, Of course his quality is what it is …

(PAN) 5.5: in the notebook remains only the hard-nosed quarrel with an opponent, under the South. Too little.

CRECCO 5.5: his is not a completely negative game. He puts up some good crossings but fails when Vicenza should develop the greatest drive to win. An encouragement because he plays a role not of him.

BIKEL 6-: the median suffers as usual, but in difficulties he is the one who fights the most. He thwarts, growls, tries to close the passing lines, he is also wrong, of course. But the Zebedee are not lacking. He drops dramatically in the distance.

CAVION 5: another subdued game. The Pythagoreans have in Marras, Awua and above all Cangiano three possessed who slip between the lines, often putting him in difficulty. He’s not having a great time in form and raises the white flag too often.

(BOLI) 4: blessed is he who has noticed his entry. Perhaps only the coach who put him as a reinforcement for the midfield. I reinforce a number of bales, they would say at the Accademia della Crusca.

FROG 5: you can see that the talent is there, but it is like a projectile that never leaves the mouth of the cannon. If he intends to become a top player he must improve in his ability to really affect the key coins of the game. It touches a lot of balls, it’s true. But hardly ever really heavy.

GIACOMELLI 5.5: some good cross at the beginning of the race. Then he too tends to get rough and doesn’t even look for his strong point in one-on-one. The coach removed him at the beginning of the second half and, although Jack’s game was not sumptuous, he made a mistake in the decision.

(DALMONTE) 4.5: Brocchi takes away Giacomelli to give him yet another chance. And once again the Ravenna exterior makes no difference. It is a film already seen that has lasted for a season and which deprives Lane of a weapon that was taken for granted.

DIAW 5: at 31 ‘he tries but the goalkeeper opposes. His competition is almost all here. He tries in the 59th minute but the shot is deflected. He works hard but the effect on the match is almost intangible. And if he does not turn, the attack of the red and white is little thing.

TEODOROVSKY 4.5: on the corner of the goal it is he who puts Schnegg in difficulty for the 1-0 own goal. Yellow card at 35 ‘. The Polaccone certainly does not lack good will and self-denial, but quality, guys, is really little.

(MEGGIORINI) 5.5: his blow at 69 ‘seems destined in the bag, but Canestrelli saves his own. He tries again with no luck at 88 ‘. His entry gives something more to the front line, but when the scores are balanced, little is left on the notebook. Very few assists, it’s true. But even with shots on goal we are almost zero …

Mister BROCCHI 4: he says that Vicenza has dominated Crotone with 6 scoring chances to 2. He must have repeatedly gone to the Santo di Cassino, because just like his predecessor he tells games that only he has seen. What we have seen is a team with no rhyme or reason, no play and (as the South pointed out loudly) competitive anger. Even in the second half, with the man less, it was Modesto’s team that played better, showing valid geometries and dynamite in the legs. If this is Vicenza, coach, it will be difficult to get out of it in the next 5 matches. And, while we’re at it, let’s add the load… Given the quality of some elements on the pitch, after having speculated about Magallini’s choices, it’s right now to ask ourselves some questions about the market strategies of the Balzaretti / Vallone duo. If the famous algorithm has managed to identify the various Da Cruz, Di Maio & C., it will be better from now on to rely on the Fantasy Football manual. Old but always good …


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