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Already in the pre-season tests of the MotoGPespecially in the free practice of the Lusail Grand Prix, we were all saying: “Wow, but how much has she grown Suzukilook here, it doesn’t even seem a distant relative of the faded 2021 version “. Of course, the GSX-RR flew on the Qatari straight – in free practice – then, however, in the race they had to limit the damage.

Sixth and seventh, respectively, Joan Mir and Alex Rins at the waving of the checkered flag. Damn, not even a bad result would be, if we were not to count the falls of Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin, the unfortunate result of the error of the Piedmontese number 63. Otherwise, the silver-blue Spanish duo would have fallen even further behind.

In Mandalika the same or almost: on that occasion the box mates reversed, therefore Rins preceded Mir, for positions from fifth and sixth place. A little better than the inaugural release, but let’s face it: certain placings cannot and must not be enough for a noble company like the team of Hamamatsu, super official in its commitment, who has the minimum goal on the podium.

Mir world title 2020: deserved, but a distant memory appears

Whoever wins is just right, the final ranking says so. It doesn’t matter if Joan Mir scored only one stage success in 2020, his is the name placed at the top of the vintage rankings. Because being regular has, at times, a decisive weight, and the Majorcan was a master of achieving goals.

It is appropriate to remember that the season in question was conditioned by a pandemic, lockdown, delayed start, problems, inability to develop the bikes and Grand Prix held only in Europe, with double wins in some circuits. Having said this, the condition was the same for everyone, so that Suzuki deservedly brought home a laurel that was missing since the days of Kenny Roberts Junior.

Now, however, we are in 2022 and – personal opinion, disavowable at any moment – it seems that the critics have forgotten about it. Maybe because races are like this: you win today and you already think about the next day. Maybe because the number 36 didn’t dominate, maybe, maybe, maybe … in fact, the only way to remember the feat is to repeat it, as soon as possible. Or not?

Podium, (re) starting point for the official GSX-RRs

Officers yes, but also the only Suzuki on the grid. Recently, the holders said that having only two bikes does not represent any limit, will it really be as stated? After all, only Aprilia does like the Hamamatsu manufacturer: two motorcycles and off you go.

It’s all about resource optimization, we understand choice. It is also a question of better channeling attention and work into the weekend phases, we understand the need. We also know that Livio Suppo’s involvement is today and will be fundamental tomorrow, as he is an experienced, winning and prudent manager.

Exactly, but will he return to win with Suzuki, as he has already done in Ducati and Honda? We give it to you, betting on a quota: when in your history you are already crowned champions, the minimum requirement is to compete for podium positions. Only by climbing one of the three steps (ah, the highest would be a dream for anyone) can credentials and rankings be raised. We are “only” in the third of the 21 Grand Prix 2022, Will Rins and Mir find what they’re looking for?

Here are the timetables of the MotoGP of Argentina

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