The Prince and the Beast – Formula 1

‘Flying Prince’; ‘Beauty and the Beast’; ‘Reclerc’: these are the openings on the front page or inside the services dedicated to sport respectively of today’s editions of The Gazzetta dello Sport, The Republic And The Corriere della Sera. The second victory in three races of Charles Leclerc behind the wheel of the Ferrari F1-75 defined as “a beast” by the Monegasque driver, it can only be praised by the national press, also because the superiority shown by the Scuderia di Maranello yesterday in Melbourne moves the clock back in time, when – like yesterday – the men in red dictated the law in F1.

In the cradle-shaped sides, the Red dream grows. Cradles like gentle touches around the “Beast” put on the track by Ferrari to give us a sweet spring. And now, waiting for the propitious curves of Imola, with a happening of joy already in the pipeline, we resist the temptation to dust off the noticeboard, to propose comparisons that contain similar, dated and never forgotten images “, Giorgio Terruzzi writes on The Corriere della Sera adding that Leclerc is “A star, a cannibal, the ideal boy for mothers, daughters and fans with a refined palate”, ready to make the fortunes not only of Mattia Binotto and Ferrari, but also of Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media, given that a completely full Imola in every order of place will follow on from a Melbourne that recorded over 400 thousand admissions over the weekend . And it will be like this throughout 2022.

“The beauty and the beast. Or viceversa? Certainly Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari go away, intertwined with each other, indistinguishable in their embrace, far from everything and everyone. They’ve been looking for each other for three years, they finally met. They never leave each other. Together they do what they want. They are in charge. In Melbourne they celebrate their lavish wedding: pole, every lap in command, success and fastest lap. First Grand Slam for the Monegasque and first Ferrari driver to do so since Fernando Alonso 2010 ″Alessandra Retico’s attack on The Republic which underlines the happiness of the Monegasque at having finally found his red Beast, a car with which he is not forced to overdo it.

“With a Leclerc like this there are no more limits e Ferrari magic is meant to lastthe title of the analysis by Gianluca Gasparini on La Gazzetta dello Sport, “2022 looks like a tree-lined avenue full of traffic lights in which the green appears as if by magic as soon as the Cavallino approaches”.

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