The report cards of Ternana-Lecce: Coda and Strefezza unstoppable, Blin a decisive lion. Bleve knows how to redeem itself


Rollercoaster match for him and, by extension, for his fans. Never busy and with Lecce in control until he has the demerit of completely mistaking exit times by favoring Bogdan’s goal. He makes a comeback, earning his loaf, with a feat and another great save on Partipilo, even if after a few more thrills coming out and with his feet he gives it away.


Race in decreasing order of the Frenchman, author of an excellent approach to the match that leads him to form a devastating train on the right with Blin and Strefezza. He also offers a nice ball to Gargiulo, who doesn’t take advantage of it. Between the final of the first fraction and the beginning of the second, however, Celli suffers who brushes and forces him to yellow by substitution


The Terni player does not feel the emotion of returning home too much. Instead, he feels the quality of an offensive department, that of the Fere, which has nothing to envy to the top of the class and the captain is induced to fouls even by yellow and difficult interventions. In the long run, as always, he comes out the winner


This time it’s up to him and he doesn’t disappoint, making himself ready. The head interventions are countless, the closures are often decisive. He loses half a vote because he was there in the marking on Bogdan-goal, before lowering himself for the half-way exit of Bleve


Proactive departure in which there is no lack of initiatives and crossings. Then, like Gendrey, he pays the red-green offensive verve with Partipilo who keeps him apprehensive. He makes a mistake by giving him the left-handed too often, but making up for it with a result-saving slip on Pettinari before returning to take place in final raids

BLIN 7.5

The perfect proof of the Frenchman who is increasingly repaying Mr. Baroni’s trust. Tactically precious, a lion in the contrasts, today he also puts a great quality in serving Coda the assist-heel for the advantage and Strefezza the unmarking touch of the encore. He physically drops before the change, but only because he receives a kick in the face from Pettinari going to take away a very dangerous ball


When it can’t be monstrous, it limits itself to an excellent competition, the least it seems to be able to concede in this period of extraordinary form. He misses the first ball played and that remains the only mistake of his game in setting. Fast in the ball turn, dominator of tackles and stray balls despite a Ternana who travels fast in the middle of the race


With an excellent start, he ensures enough, putting in the middle the ball that Blin’s heel transforms into a chocolate for Coda. After not having achieved a good opportunity, he gets into trouble like many of the Giallorossi in the golden moment of Ternana. He resists as long as he has it, then Baroni changes him


Unleashed, irrepressible, a portent that gives no escape to the opponents. The first ball touched puts him at the corner in his own way, with an unstoppable lash at the corner. Then a lot of retreat, but also time for two other spells: the first Helgason wastes it, the second Di Mariano does not


Perfect performance that really puts everything into it. It starts with the raptor instinct that leads him to pounce on the ball of advantage and put it in, then a great fight, sacrifice and sorting of balls in an almost flawless way. In the end, Ragusa’s goal was invented out of thin air


The team mates bring Lecce in front, so the first hour of play for him is all coverage and shots to let his own breathe. Halfway through the second half he starts to get serious even forward, he tries the goal that arrives with a not easy trip under the crossbar. He is also looking for a brace, but what matters is to have closed the match


When you’re in pain, you need a fighter like him. As it happens, after the entry of him Lecce stops sweating and goes in surplus until the final success


Another who comes in with the right head. He is not seen very much, but he feels himself to the sound of always impeccable passages and closures that lead Lecce to dominate easily in the final


He too would enter the field well, were it not for the two goals he eats for an excess of lightness and shyness. First he is good at spurring for Strefezza but bad at sending a heavy return ball to the side that could have been decisive, then he goes flat on a cross only to be thrown into the goal


On the pitch in the final to let Strefezza catch his breath. Take advantage of Coda’s overwhelming power to bag the easy yellow and red poker ball



As with Frosinone, Lecce play exactly the game they were called to play. The Giallorossi bite the match by showing who is the team that is playing everything, and then knowing how to suffer and contain the quality of an opponent who did not want to give anything away. To make the difference, then a quality that Lecce exploited as best it was impossible to do

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