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Thank you all for following the live broadcast of this basketball challenge with us and good evening!

Therefore, Sassari wins who overcomes Brescia 98-95 and closes the series 3-1 at the end of an absurd match. First half of 113 points (60-53), then Sassari jams and risks big, but in the end he manages to save himself and win the semifinal against Milan. Disappointment for Brescia that closes the season after a dream regular season.

98-95 He does not find the triple of the draw Mitrou-Long and ends the game!

98-95 Two out of two for Logan and the match is almost over. There are 5 ″ to go! Brescia timeout!

96-95 Zero out of two for Kruslin! There are 10 minutes to the siren !! But offensive rebound and get it right from Logan!

96-95 Cobbins basket and still everything to be decided. Sassari timeout

96-93 Two out of two for Robinson, after the foul whistled against Laquintana who comes out protesting. Brescia timeout

94-93 Two out of two for Bilan and Sassari counter-pass! 52 minutes to the siren

92-93 Cobbins basket and overtaking Brescia !!!!! Less than 2 ‘at the end!

92-91 Two out of two to free for Brown and Brescia back to -1!

92-89 Wrong additional free, but Brescia still possession!

92-89 Cobbins basket with 150 seconds left and do it now!

92-87 Basket by Bilan and Sassari remains 5 points ahead

90-87 Mitrou-Long’s basket, for a change! We are one step away from 40!

90-85 Robinson’s basket

88-85 Step back by Mitrou-Long!

88-83 An additional free hit and +5 Sassari

87-83 Bilan’s basket who also suffers a foul

85-83 Triple by Petrucelli and Brescia at -2!

85-80 Mitrou-Long’s basket which reaches 34 points!

85-78 Bilan’s basket

83-78 Petrucelli’s basket and Brescia that is still there!

83-76 Still the usual Mitrou-Long who keeps Brescia alive

83-74 Triple from Logan that relaunches Sassari’s escape!

80-74 Kruslin’s basket from below

78-74 Triple by Mitrou-Long which reaches 30 points and Brescia at -4!

78-71 Cobbins basket to close the third period

78-69 Two out of two to free for Logan and Sassari riallunga

76-69 Injury for Petrucelli who has to leave temporarily

76-69 Bendzius again on target

74-69 One out of two to free for Bendzius

73-69 Two out of two to free for Cobbins

73-67 One out of two to free for Brown

73-66 Again Bendzius giving breath to the Sardinians

71-66 Triple by Bendzius and Sassari try to extend again

68-66 Still one out of two to free for Cobbins

68-65 One out of two to free for Cobbins

68-64 Foul by Gentile and Sassari timeout before the free throws in Brescia, with Dinamo already in the bonus

68-64 Two out of two free for Moss and Brescia is still there!

68-62 Basket of the usual Mitrou-Long

68-60 Triple by Burnell and Sassari back to +8!

65-60 Two out of two to free for Moore

65-58 Triple by Kruslin and Sassari seems to have overcome the shock start of Brescia!

62-58 Burnell’s basket

60-58 Triple by Mitrou-Long and Brescia at -2!

60-55 Two out of two to free for Petrucelli

60-53 Robinson’s unsportsmanlike foul on Petrucelli

60-53 Treier’s triple!

57-53 Additional free for Mitrou-Long

57-52 Brescia takes the rebound and -5 with Mitrou-Long’s basket which also suffers a foul!

57-50 One out of two to free for Mitrou-Long

57-49 Sassari foul and timeout with the hosts who are having an empty pass

57-49 Moore’s basket

57-47 One out of two to free for Gentile

56-47 Burns’ basket

56-45 Technical foul on the Brescia bench, but Logan does not find the free

56-45 Cobbins basket

56-43 Three out of three to free for a wild Burnell

53-43 Bilan’s basket, Brescia’s foul in attack and timeout

51-43 Triple than usual Mitrou-Long

51-40 Bilan’s basket

49-40 The additional free hit after the two technical fouls whistled against Burnell and Moss. Tension on the parquet

49-39 Cobbins basket and is fouled

49-37 Triple by Kruslin and new double figures for Sassari!

46-37 Logan’s basket

44-37 Krislin answers from beyond the arch and extends Sassari!

41-37 Triple by Mitrou-Long and Brescia at -4!

41-34 Moss basket

41-32 Burnell’s triple

38-32 Brown’s basket

38-30 The additional free kick was also scored

37-30 Robinson’s basket which is also fouled. Sassari timeout

35-30 Triple by Mitrou-Long and Brescia back to -5!

35-27 Triple by Laquintana!

35-24 Logan’s basket

33-24 One out of two to free for Mitrou-Long

33-23 Treier’s triple to kick off the second quarter

30-23 Moore’s basket

30-21 One out of two to free for Devecchi

29-21 One out of two to free for Brown

29-20 Triple by Gentile who responds immediately!

26-20 Triple of Burns!

26-17 Two out of two to free for Gentile

24-17 Triple by Petrucelli! Brescia returns to -7!

24-14 Two out of two to free for Petrucelli

24-12 The additional free hit and Sassari double Brescia

23-12 Diop’s basket who also suffers a foul

21-12 One out of two to free for Diop

20-12 Triple of Mitrou-Long! He is still trying to keep Brescia alive

20-9 Burnell again! Partial to 6-0 and Sassari has a double-digit advantage!

18-9 Burnell’s basket also

16-9 Burnell’s basket

14-9 Two out of two to free for Petrucelli

14-7 Burnell’s basket and timeout for Brescia

12-7 Triple by Bendzius and Sassari extends +5!

9-7 A lot of tension and many ball-in-hand errors on both sides

9-7 Two out of two to free for Mitrou-Long

9-5 Robinson’s basket

7-5 Bilan’s basket, already at 5 points

5-5 Triple by Mitrou-Long and a draw!

5-2 Burnell’s basket

3-2 Moss basket

3-0 Bilan steals the ball and scores a basket

1-0 One out of two to free for Bilan to kick off the match

21.00 A few minutes late before the start of race-4.

20.57 Teams in the field and ready for the duo ball.

20.55 Sassari has dispelled the Brescia taboo in the most important moment of the season, after the Lombards had won the two challenges of regular season and game-1 of the quarter-finals and is now aiming for the consecutive trio.

20.50 Lombardi who also lost Amedeo Della Valle and Kenny Gabriel for the last two games of the series due to injury.

20.45 Brescia, therefore, is back to the wall and after the heavy knockout of race-3 it is forced to win in order not to see the playoffs finish immediately after an exciting regular season.

20.40 Match point for Sassari, who after losing game-1 has won two consecutive victories, overturned the field factor and can now close the series in Sardinia.

20.30 Good evening everyone and welcome to the live broadcast of Sassari-Brescia, a match valid as game-4 of the quarter-finals of the Serie A basketball playoffs.

Good evening to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Dinamo Sassari and Brescia, valid as game-4 of the quarter-finals of the 2022 Serie A basketball playoffs.

It starts again from 98-68 in game-3 for Sassari and starts, therefore, from the hosts who surprisingly find themselves with a match point to close the series to snatch the ticket for the semifinals. Brescia started as a favorite on the eve, thanks to an excellent season that had led it to close in third place and thanks to the two victories against the Sardinians in the regular season.

But after the 104-97 success in race-1, something broke for the Lombards, while Sassari grew, broke the home factor by conquering Brescia 85-91, but above all he dominated game-3 with two central quarters of 57 -24 and now they can close the conversation. For Brescia, therefore, it is forbidden to lose to return to play everything at home in Game-5.

The match between Sassari and Brescia will start at 21.00. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Credits: Ciamillo

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