“The team is tired. I apologized to the Salernitana bench, I don’t hide the truth like another club and another police do. Nobody will wait outside to punch in the face”


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In the post game of Rome-Salerno spoke José Mourinho.

José Mourinho to DAZN

The match?
“I saw a tired team, it’s not easy to play on Thursday and then Sunday. Sure Gasperini has the same feelings as me, especially if he plays away on Thursdays. We changed the game with fresh people, I made some changes that gave the team more energy, Salernitana gave everything with great honor and desire. For them, however, it is also difficult to sustain that defensive intensity for 90 ‘, I think we deserve it because even though we didn’t play well we wanted to win the game until the end. It was a difficult race for us, then I’ll say two things about what happened in the end. I say they are right, I apologize for some not too good words that came out ”.

How important is it to have such a full stadium available?
“Our players need to feel more responsibility in confronting our fans, it’s a fantastic thing. We are not playing to win the Scudetto, it is truly incredible to know that on Thursday the stadium will still be full for a decisive match. Even speaking against myself, I say that I also really liked the support of the Salernitana fans, many came and supported it in a fantastic way, I saw love and passion “.

Is the Conference League a goal? Would you have preferred to make a few more changes?
“We coaches think a lot, but it’s not that easy to decide. There is always the other side of the coin, if you change too much and then it goes wrong, we are wrong. You think a lot and then you decide, then I must say that the 5 changes help a lot. I’m happy for Perez, he’s a great guy who works a lot. For the tactical system, he doesn’t manage to play a lot and show his qualities, I put him in an ultra attacking position and this goal gives another story to the game ”.

“I’m sorry for him because he did well, he had the chance to score two wonderful goals, Sepe made a fantastic save then in another circumstance he looked like a goal. After the national team he had a problem, today he played 45 ‘where he showed strength and desire. Veretout also did well after two weeks without training at home, Cristante always runs 12-13 km and was tired, Veretout gave the team a good dynamic. Today is the victory of the bench ”.

Don’t believe in the Champions League?
“No, Juventus are too strong to lose the points they have available on us. It’s a great championship for places in Europe, Lazio have won two games in a row with luck and referee decisions, a fantastic victory for Fiorentina today. There is a championship between the top four and those from fifth to eighth ”.

José Mourinho at the press conference (by the correspondent at the Olimpico, Gabriele Chiocchio)

What did you like most and what did you like least?
“I liked the victory, I liked the mental strength, I liked the emotional availability of the players on the bench. All 5 substitutes gave something important to the team, each gave tactical diversity, others gave intensity to the game, that we needed. It is a victory with character, of a team that was tired, that had to play outside and travel, has extra tiredness and fatigue. It is a victory for the guys on the bench, I am very happy that they helped the team to win the match”.

What happened with the Salernitana bench?
“A guy on my bench had a word that they interpreted … I say it without problem, I never hide the truth like somebody does, like some club, some country, some police. A guy on my bench said to that Salernitana who would have gone to Serie B, I went to apologize for the boy who spoke. They are civilized people, what happens inside the pitch ends up inside the pitch, in 45 minutes no one will be out there to wait for someone else and punch him in face”.

He spoke of fatigue. After such a match, does this victory give something emotionally or take away something physically?
“On Thursday I told the guys that to build a positive atmosphere for the second leg it was important to win. It was important to win also because we needed points, but to build a positive atmosphere it was important to win. The best way to fight fatigue is to win. , it gives you a positive emotional state. Congratulations to Salernitana who played a very well organized match, obviously I’m sorry for them, for the fantastic fans. If their destiny is Serie B, I hope they can come back soon “.

Sabatini spoke of the Roma bench.
“I don’t like talking about other people, with all due respect to Mr. Sabatini.”

Why did you choose Felix?
“Pellegrini was disqualified, I thought that if I didn’t have a player to create, I needed one who attacked the depth, who was difficult for his opponents. He is not yet a player with great ability to decide well and coldly in front of the goal,” but if you remember the penalty earned which was not a penalty he had a great run, he gives us a lot. He is not a beauty on a technical level, but when he comes in he is fresh, he has run, he has dynamics. When he takes on tired opponents, he creates difficulties. happy for Carles Perez, he works well and with his mouth shut, with great humility and personality. Sometimes he doesn’t play as much as he deserves, other times the tactical system prevents him from having a suitable situation. Today we risked everything that was possible, in that position has found space to score “.

José Mourinho to the club’s official channels

The match?
“I think it was very hard, we were tired and Gasperini’s Atalanta can say the same. When you play on Thursday and then Sunday is tough, it’s not easy because you change and you risk taking risks. The bench was fantastic, Zaniolo gave a new tactical system to the team. Shomurodov, Zalewski and Perez gave quality, Veretout did by dividing the game. The team has shown character ”.

The spirit of Rome does not change.
“With these fans, it would be shameful not to have character. We are not playing to win the Scudetto, we want to achieve another goal. On Thursday they will all be here again and we need to really play 12 ”.

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