the themes of the confrontation between Sarri and the club


Other than a chance encounter, the meeting had been scheduled for some timeLotito has also postponed some institutional engagement (scheduled for late afternoon) to speak with Sarri and Tare. The three stayed for dinner in the sports center, the meeting also included coffee and digestive, they stretched until midnight, a sign of how the meeting was aimed at discussing, studying, planningAnd. We touched on various topics, if you talk for almost five hours you don’t do it just to discuss this and that. Lotito wants to continue with Sarri, Lotito has never had second thoughts: it’s true he froze the renewal, he wants to see how the season will end, but his basic idea has always been to remain tied to the coach at least until 2023.

Maurizio asked for reassurance, he wants to be at the center of corporate strategies, he wants to have a say on the market, to be decisive in identifying the characteristics and qualities of the players who will arrive. Cabral cases, a player whom Sarri did not know and had never endorsed, can no longer be repeated. We must find common ground on which to work with the sports director, relations between the two have never been rosy, but Lotito has imposed the diktat, we must collaborate for the common good that is Lazio. Tare and Sarri have been trying, for three weeks they have been viewing players on Wyscout, discussing, looking for compromises. Sergio Rico can be the first meeting point. The goalkeeper plays on loan for Mallorca, is owned by PSG, and is assisted by the same agents as Luis Alberto. He costs 5 million, he can be borrowed with the right of redemption, it is a factor to consider bearing in mind the many interventions that Lazio will have to make. Cragno was offered, but it costs a lot (15 million) and does not fully convince the coach that he would like Carnesecchi but even here the costs are high, Atalanta starts from a request for 15 million plus bonuses. Gollini is a hypothesis not to be discarded, but for now in the background.

For the defense, there is the ok to Romagnoli, the agreement between the coach and the club is total on the profile of the Anzio center, now it is necessary to find the square with Raiola. It’s not super easy, but it can be done. Lazio has offered a five-year period of 3 million plus bonuses (not all easy to hit), a further effort is needed between the fixed part and the conditions for obtaining the prizes. Then there is also the question of commissions to be settled. Lazio must hurry, avoid the inclusion of other clubs (Juve and Sevilla are lurking), the intention is to sink the blow within a few days. Casale is a name sponsored by Sarri, the technician likes it very much, Tare is not very convincing and Lotito is held back by the figures requested by Setti who now shoots over the 10 million requested in January. We will talk about it again, with Sarri trying to convince the ds and president. In the days of confrontation between the ds and the coach the names of Theate (Bologna) and Ferrari (Sassuolo) appeared, they are two left-handed, like Romagnoli. Alternatives to the AC Milan player or hypotheses to be taken into account together with the Rossoneri 13? It depends a lot on Acerbi, should he go away, as seems plausible today, then one of the two could also arrive in Formello together with Romagnoli. Ferrari looks ahead in cost and style of play.

For the median, look at the names of Allan and Vecino, different profiles, but that Sarri knows well. The Brazilian can return to fashion if he comes out between Milinkovic and Luis Alberto (Sarri would not want to say goodbye to both), the Uruguayan on a free transfer is an opportunity that Lazio will try to seize. Looking forward above all in the Deputy Immobile, watch out for another “Ciro”, that Mertens who will say goodbye to Naples and is on the hunt for a new adventure. He has a salary of 4 million a year, obviously too much for Lazio. He would need a substantial cut, perhaps working on the basis of an annual with option. The first contacts have been made, we have not yet gone to the bottom. But Sarri would make false papers to have two Ciro there. Then there is the exit chapter, a fundamental aspect in planning Lazio’s future. Romero is a gem, he has his contract expiring in 2023, PSG thinks about it, Lazio must secure him and renew him, otherwise it is better to sell him immediately and score a capital gain, the card is valued at 20 million. Milinkovic likes PSG and United, the Italian hypotheses are almost impossible at the moment. Luis Alberto dreams of returning to Seville, but the Andalusians do not offer more than 20 million and Lazio are asking for at least 30 more bonuses. Juventus thinks about it, Allegri wants a quality mezzala, but the first name on the Juventus list is De Paul.

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