the two Monaco and the future without Mitoglou

The list of peculiarities ofAs Monk: in ten seasons she went from the fourth French series to theEuroleaguepassing through the victory ofEurocup 2021; a mix of Russian-Ukrainian capitals favored such a propulsion, with just two days before the outbreak of the conflict a handover of the majority package from Sergey Dyadechko (wealthy businessman from Donetsk) in Alexei Fedoriscevking of fertilizers born in the Moscow province and among other things in the front row at Forum for the victory overOlimpia Milan; once it got a place in the top European competition, the club didn’t take long – “noblesse oblige” – to get the exemption to continue playing the Salle Gaston Médecinbecause you don’t have to be a mega-marketing expert to understand that an arena in the Principality of Monaco it applies regardless of the number of child seats; finally, the bet (at the moment winning) to bet on nothing less than the rebellious genius of Mike James to add the immediate conquest of the playoffs of Euroleague to the incredible escalation of recent years.

But the peculiarity of As Monaco also lies in what you see on the parquet: in an increasingly homologated European basketball team, the coach Sasa Obradovic he stands out (and amuses himself) offensively because he almost never has an attack equal to the other in the same quarter. A offensive versatility generated a little by the often over-the-top creativity of the directing couple made up of James (19 points and 7 assists against Armani, after initially getting annoyed by the whistles of the Forum) and by Lee (10 points, 2 assists), a little from the explosive physicality of Donta Hall (16 points, 8 rebounds) and from the muscle mass of Montiejunas (6 points, 4 rebounds), much from his coach’s ability to mix and control such an explosive mixture, always one step away from exceeding the limit of the winning play to end up in the ball thrown to the wind. Against Olimpia, the cocktail, after a couple of wrong shakes (37-31 for the home side at half-time), worked perfectly, sending the Milanese defense into confusion until 63-72 the final.

Sure theArmani paid theabsence for gastrointestinal problems of Melli (best for rating against the Bayernwith 11 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists) as well as the fatigue of a recent “tour de force” really challenging for the legs of a group of over thirty, starting with those of Hines (this time clearly put in difficulty by the mismatches with Montiejunas and Donta Hall) and di Rodriguez (4 points and 1 assist against the Monegasques, with acrobatic dribbles too often transformed into turnovers or too complicated shots). But there is also more: that is the now almost exclusively perimeter dimension of this Olimpia, even more so after losing Mitoglou for indefinite doping (i.e., presumably, until the end of the season). With the thin line between victory and defeat that is therefore even more demarcated offensively by the shooting percentages of the outside players (11/29 from beyond the arc in the last exit, with none in double figures except for the 22 points of Shields), because the duel in the colored is only a defensive battle and not a weapon to make a basket. Against the Bayern Monaco it worked, both due to the presence of MVP Melli and because in the presence of a team in some ways twin (which enhances even more the tactics of the now infinite living chess game played on the parquet by coach Messina And coach Trinchieri), against theAs Monk instead it was not enough.

The problem lies in the fact that, without Mitoglou and with a Tarczewski that in Euroleague continues to pay all its limits, the strength of this rear-wheel drive Olimpia may not be enough at other times – and not only in Europe, given the Virtus Bologna long pack – if Pippo Curls (2 points and 1 rebound with Bayern, 2 points and 3 rebounds with As Monaco) will not be able to lift the shots as in other and best moments of the season and if Bentyl (0 points and 2 rebounds against the Germans, 8 points with two triples and 3 rebounds against the Monegasques) will not decide to have a dimension close to the iron. Then, how not to notice it, that Paul remains Biligha sitting almost always on the bench if you are not in the championship …

The predictions are still made to be proven wrong, even if one fact is certain: i Euroleague playoffs will see the four best, among which more than deservedly the same Olympia, as opposed to as many loose mines. If there was a choice between the two Monacoperhaps better to put it on living chess than on the “champagne basket”. (Paolo Corio)

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