They believe in Alfa Romeo: overtaking on Mercedes is a viable objective

F1 – If it were possible to travel in time and a messenger from a recent future had told us that the Mercedesafter eight years of almost cheeky dominoes, he would have struggled to keep up with Alfa Romeo – which last year sadly closed in penultimate position in the constructors’ classification – we would have had a fat and noisy laugh. Instead all this has materialized.

The start of the 2022 the team said Hinwil not only is he close to the performance of the reigning world champions, but that he has been much more reactive than the “grays”. TO Barcelona the car of Zhou And Bottas was plagued by aerodynamic pumping so important that the whole project was a half failure. On the other side of the pit lanein the box Mercedesthings proceeded on a completely opposite slope: we were working on a stable car that was able to find excellent chronometric responses on the last day.

It looked like the usual movie, the one seen many times in which the protagonists played hide and seek and then drop their fist from knock out when the stopwatch started counting for real. Things, it is known, went “a little” differently. In the winter tests of Bahrain there Mercedes presented itself with a kind of hyper-aggressive and malfunctioning version B, theAlpha with a C42 revised in small details that made a difference on the stratospheric lap and race pace.

F1 – Alfa Romeo C42

Here is that the performance gap between the treads and the thing’s taillights has become so thin as to seem imperceptible. The difference in points, to date, is made by the withdrawal of Bottas for precautionary reasons in that of Jeddah and probably the inexperience of the driver Japanese who has to pay the price of the novitiate in the top flight of motorsport. When the Finnish driver left Brackley after five years of faithful apprenticeship to embrace the Italian-Swiss cause, many have turned up their noses thinking of an obvious downgrade.

Instead “Woodman“Is there to breathe on the neck of his former teammate and the driver who” snatched “the steering wheel. But the goal is much more ambitious and its eventual realization would be sensational. While a Brackley are grappling with the problems of W13 which could only be solved a Barcelona (read here) in Alfa-Sauber they are moved by so much of that determination and conviction that it is thought that it can undermine the Mercedes from the lowest step of the podium lifting himself up as a third force behind Red Bull and of Ferrari. Which could also happen thanks to the engine “Superfast“Provided by prancing Horse who amazed everyone for the performances shown in the first two races of the 2022.

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo

We have what it takes to face and overcome it Mercedes becoming the third power behind Red Bull And Ferrari. This – he argued in a very determined way Valtteri Bottas – must be our focus at the moment. I’m surprised to see them fight further back, but at the same time it’s nice to be able to fight with them. This is the best scenario for our first season together and I didn’t expect it considering the information I had“.

Evidently Bottashaving experienced the environment of the Three Pointed Star until mid-December, he was convinced that the projects in the pipeline were much more effective than they actually turned out. And, likewise, he feared that a team that had gone out for a very difficult year could still suffer negative consequences. Instead, having observed a team immediately reactive after the Catalan difficulties gave impetus to the stimuli of a driver who came out of a sometimes mortifying confrontation with Lewis Hamilton.

Alfa Romeo, Saudi Arabia GP 2022

It’s a Bottas new than what we will review in action a Melbourne. He is convinced of it Xevi Pujolar, head of trackside engineering of‘Alfa Romeo, who said he was happy to have found a pure speed that the Finn has always shown to possess in qualifying. What surprised him above all was his attitude. A pilot who “it radiates so much positivity that the whole team is involved in it“. In Alphaactually, after changing the whole line-upwe needed a seasoned driver who knew how to show the way to a second-tier team that wants to take advantage of the new technical context to take a place in the sun.

Of course the dreams and ambitions of Valtteri Bottaswhich at this moment coincide, go through the resolution of the problems that are limiting the performance of the Mercedes. We cannot underestimate the ability to react of those who, for almost two decades, have been doing good and bad weather becoming the technical reference point of the entire category. Overtaking, where ever possible, will materialize if and only if a Brackley they will not dig the spider out of the hole and if they understand that this machine has no technical future. Which we find it hard to believe because the world champions have always shown a certain aptitude to call themselves out of rough situations.

F1-Author: Diego Catalano @ diegocat1977

Photo: F1, Orlean Alfa Romeo Racing

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