this is how the contact reader that discovers the secrets of tires works

Usage window, wear: this made in Italy instrument has now made its way into F1 and beyond. Fundamental help for the development of strategies

Andrea Cremonesi

Tricolor party

First Ducati with Enea Bastianini, then Ferrari with Charles Leclerc and finally the historic first time for Aprilia with Aleix Espargaro: the start of the motorsport season for Made in Italy was crackling. Expertise and imagination, technical knowledge and the will to explore new paths is the winning recipe. This also applies to a small company like Megaride, a (former) Neapolitan start-up (Megaride is a small island in Naples on which the Castel dell’Ovo stands), born from the fervent mind of Flavio Farroni, Francesco Timpone and Aleksandr Sakhnevych in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples (vehicle dynamics simulation department). In a few years this company has made a name for itself in racing and works with at least half of the F1 line-up and has entered the world of F.2 and F.3. There are two products: advanced software for simulations concerning performance and interaction between tires and vehicles and aerodynamics and above all Vesevo, the ancient name of Vesuvius which has its roots in the Etruscan language, which also stands for Viscoelasticity Evaluation System – EVOlved. It is a sophisticated contact (or vibrating) “reader” whose main feature is portability.

For everyone

All ready-to-wear technology, which allows great help to those with fewer resources. “The concept is that rubber plays a fundamental role in optimizing aerodynamics and suspension. Everything passes through rubber,” explains Farroni. “Vesevo allows us to read the rubber, in a non-invasive way, with the aim of indicating the window of use and wear to the stables”. That is a whole series of parameters that help to design the racing strategy and that for reasons of confidentiality, for example, the tire supplier cannot provide, also because many of these data vary according to the set-up. Megaride, strategic partner of Trident and MP Motorsport, provides, on request, in addition to products, also dedicated support staff. “But as often happens from racing we moved on to production”, because several manufacturers came knocking on the door of Megaride.

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