thousands of fans at the Scudetto parade. Banner with teasing at Inter-

from Stefano Landi

Milan, a caravan of Rossoneri fans from Casa Milan: the team on the bus between two wings of the crowd to Piazza Duomo. Stefano Pioli’s tattoo revealed. Berlusconi and Galliani were also at the dinner. Mayor Sala (Inter): A bit of a rosy, but they deserved to win

On a bus: the team (with a celebratory Scudetto shirt) and a DJ-set. On the other: the staff. Around: two wings of the crowd. Let the party begin: bis. At 6.40 pm the journey of the Italian champions began, destination Piazza Duomo. Ibra and Pioli astride the bus barrier: chiefs ultras. Florenzi waves a tricolor flag. Rebic and Krunic toast with their first beers. Theo Hernandez in the smoke bombs. A couple of firecrackers pop. Delirium at a slow pace. Half an hour to do a handful of meters. When the buses arrive at the entrance to viale Certosa, the first calculations are made: the schedule skipped, there are people along the road looking at the horizon, at this pace the projections speak of an arrival in the Cathedral well after eight. . What a crazy bedlam, the players laugh. At the entrance to Corso Sempione, a river of mopeds escort the Italian champions. Ibra is the most social of all and is told live on Instagram. Kessie vocalist: microphone in hand. Tomori and Rebic mention the past (Ambrosini 2007) with an Oxford banner directed to the Inter cousins: The Italian Cup put it in the c..o. At the finish line, in front of the Cathedral, there is a crowd of great occasions waiting. The statue of Vittorio Emanuele II on horseback was colonized according to tradition.

The call of the champions

Someone swears they haven’t even gone out of bed. 14 hours after the night invasion to embrace the return team from Reggio Emilia, the sacred esplanade of Casa Milan it was again a carpet of scarves and Rossoneri flags. The well-known soundtrack. With a couple of hours in advance of the protocol of the celebrations announced by the companysince mid-afternoon, under a certain shade of sun, thousands had been waiting for the team with its 19th Tricolor in their pocket to reappear to start the dances again. After six the call from the speaker Germano Lanzoni started
(Milan, all true! The Rossoneri Scudetto!). Decibels to the stars for the releases of Tonali, Giroud, Leao and Theo. A roar for Ibra on the catwalk on the stage of Casa Milan. Up to Captain Romagnoli who raises the trophy.

The itinerary in the center

For the two coaches a parade, a slalom and an immersion in the crowd. The itinerary: viale Traiano, Scarampo, Certosa, piazza Firenze, corso Sempione. And then, lowering the gears, the caravan will continue at a walking pace in the center of the city, from piazzale Cadorna, Foro Buonaparte, via Cusani, Broletto, Cordusio, Orefici with final landing in piazza Duomo for the last big collective hug.

Giacomo’s dinner

At the end of the people’s party, the team will be picked up from the bus and set up directly at the restaurant da Giacomo, overlooking a Piazza Duomo that will not want to empty itself at all. To allow players to go up to the Arengario for dinner, the area behind the former Radio Italia stage towards the entrance of the Museo del Novecento has been cordoned off. With the players, the management and also two special special guests: Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani. Living link with the great triumphs of the past, but this is a new story. Still to be written, therefore to be told.

Pioli’s tattoo

Stefano Pioli on fire you tattooed it

shield on the forearm to make the triumph indelible: the commemorative photo was published on the social pages of the Spektrum studio (frequented by singers and footballers). The coach: We have transformed your enthusiasm into positive energy, harangued the fans of the windows of Casa Milan.

Mayor Sala

Obviously as an Interista I can only gnaw a little. As mayor, on the contrary, I can only be happy because in the end even these things create interest in the city, create economy, try to smile Beppe Sala: We will have another year with two teams in the Champions League. Milan proved to be a very well organized club with an excellent manager – and a friend – like Maldini. Pioli a great coach, a gentleman. And Scaroni knows the fact of him. Objectively, they deserved this championship.

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