Treviso pierces a tired and not very patient Openjobmetis in Masnago

Last yearthese days, Openjobmetis tore one unexpected victory-salvation in the Treviso field, with a company that revitalized the ranking and the red and white environment. Today the Venetians have returned the rudeness (80-89) in a similar context: the classic shock given by the change of coach rewards Nutribullet and complicates Varese’s journey, a privateer far from the Enerxenia Arena but not so brilliant within friendly walls.

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Openjobmetis Varese – Nutribullet 80-89 4 of 23

Not so bright but especially tired and not very patienta reading that also gives coach Roijakkers at the end of a match that, after almost half an hour of running up, seemed to have turned white and red. And instead, just when Varese overtook and gave hope for a galloping final, Vene and his companions are gone into a reserve of energy and lucidity. At that point the attack was relied upon to hasty, forced, lopsided conclusions and the percentages have collapsed, allowing guests to place the extension (with 7 points in a row by Bortolani) from which the OJM has never recovered.

A painful stumblingwhich obviously does not cancel the good things done up to now but which pays off the pursuit of salvation is more difficult widely anticipated is – a fortiori – the one in the playoff area. For the first goal in three days there will be a second chance, because an Allianz Trieste will arrive in Masnago who returned to success against Reggio after two extra time. It will be tough, too, because yes will arrive at the game in the same conditions as todaybut at this point it is necessary to snatch a success to calm down.

Finding fluidity in attack, because it is true that Varese distributed 22 assists, but it is equally true that many of the baskets made were anyway the work of some magic – Keene’s triples, some flashes of Vene, some take-offs of Beane. THE 43 heavy shots attempted (only 13 scored) are the yardstick of a match born and died wrong, despite the reaction and a few moments of brilliance in the center. The OJM however has suffered too much Sims (who was on the run with Menetti and this time was decisive), a classic pivot that plays “on the iron” where the heroic Sorokas cannot go. And Varese had in attack too little from De Nicolao and Woldetensaethe two guards of the quintet: they had accustomed us to miraclesthis time they returned to earth and the whole team was affected.


Race under the banner of news in Masnago. There is the new coach on the Treviso bench, Marcelo Nicola (caught several times by the red and white public), there is – in fact – the public with a normal turnout after more than two years marked by the covid (flag covering the curve, authorities – mayor and prefect – school children). There is also a variation in the Roijakkers starting quintet. In fact, between De Nicolao and Beane Woldetensae takes place because of Librizzi’s battered ankle, however enlisted. Nicola places two Italians in the quintet, Bortolani and Akele, with the former Dimsa, then trusting Sims – who was at odds with Menetti – under the scoreboards.

The science of Vene is not enough, Keene and Beane exalt and turn off


Q1 – It is not the usual Openjobmetis that approaches the game: lazy in attack where he misses a lot from 3 (after the first center of Vene), soft in defense. The Nutribullet takes advantage of this both by attacking the area with Sims who can play on the iron, and by looking for quick baskets after the rebounds in defense. The guests (8 Bortolani points) open a break that touches 11 points and then settles on 16-26 at the sound of the first siren.
Q2 – Keene then thinks about revitalizing the attack: the Texan warms his hand, slips three triples (and Vene imitates him) bringing back an Openjobmetis that – not too quickly – also begins to apply in defense. The ascent stops at -1 because Sorokas makes 1 out of 2 to free in the moment of a possible tie, the Nutribullet breathes and closes at +4 (44-48) with a nice basket by Bortolani, despite an important flash also by Beane on both sides of the rectangle.
Q3 – From the changing rooms Varese is good at bringing back the good sensations of the second period on the pitch: the red and white understand that the re-engagement is feasible. Beane takes care of it impacting the score and recovering the ball that leads to the overtaking signed by Reyes used intermittently by Roijakkers. Treviso is good at withstanding the impact: it goes under but does not collapse because Sokolowski, Imbrò and the singer company still find replicas at the baskets of Vene and Sorokas. Reyes still finds the +6, maximum advantage but in the last possessions the Venetians reduce the disadvantage to crumbs, 67-65.

Roijakkers after the defeat against Treviso: “I’m not happy, the team was very tired”


In the opening bars of the last quarter there is still the feeling that Varese can start off like a rocket (rare triple from Woldetensae, Reyes’ basket from below) but shortly after Bortolani cancels all illusions. The ex Legnano winger eliminates Beane by fouls and with a hat-trick from the arc scores 7 points in a row that spoil the score definitively. OJM takes long minutes to restart, seasoned with forcing and cumbersome choices that allow the blue-whites to carefully manage the advantage. Russell, in particular, makes no mistake in the direction and when the usual Sorokas breaks the red and white fast, the game is irremediably marked: 80-89.

(16-26, 44-48; 67-65)

VARESE: De Nicolao 1 (0-2, 0-2), Woldetensae 6 (0-1, 2-8), Beane 10 (3-8, 1-4), Vene 18 (4-4, 3-8), Sorokas 19 (2-5, 3-6); Reyes 10 (5-6), Librizzi, Ferrero (0-1 from 3), Caruso, Keene 16 (4-14 from 3). Ne: Virginio, Zhao. Herds Roijakkers.
TREVISO: Russell 17 (7-9, 1-3), Bortolani 23 (3-6, 4-6), Dimsa 11 (3-3, 1-5), Akele 2 (1-2), Sims 15 (6-8 , 0-1); Imbrò 5 (1-3), Chillo 2 (1-1, 0-1), Sokolowski 10 (3-3, 0-2), Jones 4 (2-5). Ne: Jurkatamm, Poser, Pellizzari. Herds Nicola.
REFEREES: Begnis, Grisons, Brindisi.
NOTE. From 2: V 14-26, T 26-36. From 3: V 13-43, T 7-22. Tl: V 13-16, T 16-19. Rebounds: V 34 (14 off., De Nicolao 5), T 34 (7 off., Sims 12). Assist: V 22 (De Nicolao 8), T 15 (Russell 4). Lost: V 9 (Librizzi 3), T 12 (Imbrò, Sims 3). Retrieved: V 8 (Veins 4), T 5 (Sokolowski 2). Exit 5 fouls: Beane.

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