“Tsitsipas? Today I saw his match, it will be an important test”

Jannik Sinner wins against Filip Krajinovic and passes to the quarter-finals of the Masters 1000 in Rome for the first time in his career. Now for him the match against Tsitsipas: against the Greek he is 2-1 in the previous matches, the last one – clearly lost – in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open 2022. In the press conference at the Foro Italico, Sinner seemed satisfied with what he had done against Krajinovic and rather relaxed in view of the quarter final against the Greek.

D: By the end of the match, you clearly looked happy but also a little disappointed.

Sinner: “I am very happy, it was a difficult match. Against Filip I got a great start in the first set and at the beginning of the second. Then I dropped my serve for two games and things got complicated, but on the important points, like the 4-5 in the tie-break, I served well. I can be very happy with my performance. Tomorrow we will see to make another one “.

D: With Tsitsipas you have played twice, twice in Rome, once in the Australian Open. Do you have a strategy? Do you know how to play against him? Cheering will be on your side.

Sinner: “This year in Australia he played very well, me less. The matches on earth were in another period. He is playing well. Today I saw him playing him, he raised the level a lot after the first set lost. I have to stay on track, try to play my game: let’s see how it goes tomorrow, it’s definitely a good test for me ”.

D: Yesterday Fabio spent beautiful words for you: he said that you and Alcaraz are the future of world tennis. But he also gave you some advice on variations and change of pace. Is your work with Vagnozzi based precisely on this?

Sinner: “We are working hard, not only on changing the game but also on trying to be smarter, also seeing from the other side what the opponent is doing, which side he is on. I’m doing it very well at times, like today in the first set, which was an excellent set. Now we are trying to keep this level for longer, because in the second set I dropped. In training for me it’s much easier, in the game I’m trying to add things like the damping, I think it shows, but every game has its own story. Tomorrow I will have to do mine, raise the level right away ”.

D: So far you have always played at eight in the evening, this afternoon in the heat. What do you prefer?

Sinner: “I have no preferences, there are things I like and things I like less but the timetable is the same for both. However, playing during the day allows you to rest more. Let’s see what time they bring me tomorrow … “

Ubaldo Scanagatta, Ubitennis: When in Australia you lost from Tsitsipas sharply, shortly after you surprised everyone by announcing the divorce from Piatti. Many have interpreted that perhaps that clear defeat had affected your decision. Can this be said?

Sinner: “I don’t want to talk about this anymore, but a match has nothing to do with it. When you lose, the first goal is to understand why you are losing and what you can do better. When you win, there is also to see what can be done better. Each game must be analyzed. My choice came a little after Australia. A single game cannot lead to such a choice, also because in seven years with Riccardo we have won many. Now I’m here with Simone, we’ll see how it goes ”.

Ubaldo Scanagatta, Ubitennis. Is it better for you to face Tsitsipas on clay or concrete?

Sinner: “I don’t know… Let’s see tomorrow ”.

D: What changes now the fact that Vagnozzi is always with you compared to when Piatti also sent his collaborators?

Sinner: “I seem to have known him for some time because he always knows what to tell me: during a game I often look for him with my eyes. I love how we are working, very hard and in the right way. Now we will go on like this because in my opinion the path is right. My path is different from that of others, there is also a need to be patient and take the time to work “.

D: Returning to the conditions: today in important moments you helped yourself with the service. Does the history of contact lenses affect?

Sinner: “I had no problems today. Surely the ball is heavier in the evening. I don’t mind, I think I play well even when the ball doesn’t reach me with so much weight. But on the other hand, playing during the day is easier and the serve can help. We need to change the way we play because in the evening with the humidity things change. Today, during the day, it was hotter and less humid ”.

D: Do you want to send a message to the public in Rome? Have you got to visit the city these days?

Sinner: “I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Rome, we only went to a restaurant on Saturday evening. What did I eat? Cold cuts and fried zucchini flowers… then a pasta with meat sauce, while the whole team ate pasta alla carbonara! The audience is always crazy here, I always enjoy playing here. I’ll try to do my best tomorrow, then we’ll see how it goes ”.

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