Ukrainian war, Medvedev and Russian tennis players in trouble: Wimbedon at risk

Hour after hour the position of Russian and Belarusian tennis players within the world of racquet becomes more and more delicate.

After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukrainethese were forced to compete without a flag in individual events, a measure this, despite which, Russians and Belarusians may still not be at the start of the next tournament of Wimbledon.

Wimbledon, the location of the All England Club

L’All England Club in fact, with the support of the British authorities, he decided to use a hard fist with the athletes of the countries currently at war.

As revealed by the Express, for a few weeks now the Minister of Sports Nigel Huddleston and the leaders of the English tournament have moved to ostracize the exponents of Russia and Belarus and not let them access the Church Road fields next summer.

Wimbledon, the sine qua non to participate

The only way Russian and Belarusian tennis players will have to take part in the Championships (won last year by Novak Djokovic among men and by Ashleigh Barty among women) will be to respect the only but essential condition imposed by the British organizers, that is distance yourself from Putin and the Russian invasion.

To do this, tennis players will have to release a special one declaration attesting to their neutrality and their opposition to the war in Ukraine.

Wimbledon, the words of the English minister of sport

The British minister of sport went into the details of this choice Nigel Huddleston.

“If Russian and Belarusian athletes wish to participate in a sporting event in the UK, they will have to prove their independence and neutrality. A written declaration will be needed to show that they do not receive money from President Vladimir Putin, from Russia or from Belarus ”declared the British sports leader.

“They will also have to state that they will not comment in favor of Putin and the respective countries. We want to make sure they are neutral and that they are not related in any way. Therefore, under penalty of exclusion, we want them to issue a written declaration in which they admit that they do not support the Russian president ”.

So we’ll see if Daniil Medvedev and the various Andrey Rublev And Karen Khachanov they will either comply with this imposition or decide to desert the oldest tournament in the world.



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