Vuelle, led by Jones and Delfino, sinks Bertram Yachts at home

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02/04/2022 – The one seen at the PalaEnergica in Casale Monferrato was probably the most beautiful Carpegna Prosciutto since the beginning of the season. Tortona dominated throughout the game, except for a slight decline of 3 minutes in the third period, with the boys of coach Banchi who played a semi-perfect basketball on both sides of the field. MVP of the race a super Tyrique Jones with 20 points and 15 rebounds, also the performance of Delfino with 19 points (16 in the first 20 ‘) is remarkable.


(11-22 / 20-26 / 18-20 / 21-18)


A rocket start for the team of coach Banchi who immediately reaches 2-8 thanks to the triples of Sanford and Delfino and the dunk of Jones. The hosts react with Macura and the former Cain of the evening, but Pesaro shoots well from beyond the arc in this start and Moretti puts back two possessions between the teams. Tortona struggles to find a 3-point rhythm and the Bianconeri move the scoreboard only thanks to Sanders’ free throws, while Moretti and Jones score another 4 points for 7-17. Sanders tries to play the charge both in attack and in defense, with the VL losing two balls on as many attacks. Mascolo and Tambone score, then Moretti of cunning gains three free throws on the final quarter. After a fourth Pesaro double Tortona 11-22.


Mascolo and Severini score 4-0, but Tambone unlocks the VL from behind the arc. Macura makes it 2/2 from the line and Tortona, back at -8, extends the defense wing across the board with the VL going a bit in pain. Three baskets of exquisite workmanship by Captain Delfino who at this juncture took over the attack of the red and white, while it is always Mascolo who moves the scoreboard of Bertram Yachts. Mejeris invents for Jones who scores and suffers a foul not recognized by the referees, Luca Banchi exceeds in protests and gets a technician. Wright marks the free of the technician and then puts the -10 against the glass. Zanotti is 2/2 from the line, with Jones who has suffered a blow to the finger and is forced to be medicated, on the other hand Daum repays with the same coin. Two of Lamb, as many of Wright, then Jones makes 1/2 from the line as well as Cannon. Mejeris with useful things: offensive rebound, tap in and +12. Jones trims Wright’s second block of the evening and then earns and scores two free throws, then thinks about it another super Delfino to score the triple at the edge of the siren for the 31-48 after twenty minutes.


Baskets of Jones and Mejeris, while Tortona continues to argue with the heavy shot: 0/12 so far. The first three-pointer of the evening for the hosts arrives with Sanders after 23 minutes of play. Mejeris scores and Jones scores, while the answer is entrusted to the former Wright and Cain but the VL keeps the +20. Real basketball that staged this Saturday by Vuelle at PalaEnergica: very few dribbles, the ball moves a lot and well and the result is clear proof of this superiority. Delfino misses an open triple, Filloy from three ago -16 and Banchi stops the game. Mascolo scores and now Bertram sets a nice 7-0 run, but Sanford gets back to moving the VL scoreboard with the first basket of his evening. Mascolo makes 1/2 from the free throws, while Lamb makes 3. Jones scores, is fouled by Cain and scores the additional free. Mascolo makes two on the siren to fix the score at 49-68.


FIlloy sends two consecutive triples to target that rekindle Bertram’s flame of hope. Three turnovers in a row from Pesaro, Cannon makes -13 and now PalaEnergica is back to push the bianconeri. Mascolo scores, Lamb then sends a triple which is pure oxygen to target, but Filloy still scores -12. Jones again, two more fundamental points why Tortona proves to be very lively. Zanotti scores, Delfino returns to the field and favors Filloy’s lost ball which, however, the VL does not materialize. Macura puts in his first triple of the evening, but Delfino returns to score in the most important moment. Zanotti makes 2/2 and Ramondino stops the game at 66-82. Cannon and Mejeris score and the game is on ice. It ends 70-86 for a super Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro who overturns the -9 of the first leg.


Tortona: Wright 9; Cannon 5; Filloy 11; Sanders 8; Daum 2; Mascolo 15; Severini 4; Cain 4; Macura 12; Mortellaro of it; Tavernelli of it; Rota ne

Pesaro: Mejeris 12; Drum 7; Demetrius 0; Dolphin 19; Jones 20 + 15rb + 3stp (40 val); Moretti 8; Lamb 8; Zanotti 8; Sanford 4; Stazzonelli it

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