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There are only a few hours left before the kick-off of the Derby of Italy between Juventus And Inter toAllianz Stadium of Turin. Everything is ready, the fans are heading out of the stadium with flags, banners, scarves, beers and the desire to enjoy a great day of sport.

However, it will not be a match like all the others for the Joya Paulo Dybalaand not only for the importance of the race from a perspective A league. In fact, this will be the last Italian Derby he will play with the black and white shirt sewn on, but paradoxically it may not be the last of his career. A really intricate story, which he has in Beppe Marotta, a great admirer of the Argentine, the common thread. Allegri and Inzaghi, however, are ready to do battle.

Paulo Dybala and the last Juve-Inter with the bianconeri

A few days ago, in fact, the announcement from both sides of the lack of agreement for the renewal of the contract arrived Dybala with the Juventus. In a moment of economic crisis like this, it was impossible to meet the demands of the Argentine, who was still ready to inherit the armband and become a flag like the great champions of the past.

This was not the case (Arrivabenewe know this since the times in F1does not like ambiguous situations, and has preferred to make a clean break), and now there Joya will expire, free in June to sign with anyone who wants. One of the candidates to buy Dybala it looks like theInter, with Marotta which highly values ​​the number 10 since the time of Palermo.

In fact, it was he who brought it to Turin with Merry and to believe in his abilities, like the late one Zamparini had done it before him. The investment proved to be spot on and now Dybala he is in the all-time top-10 of the Juventus scorers with another 100 goals to his credit. From next year, however, we could see him play the Derby d’Italia, the game that perhaps most of all is felt in our country, with the jersey of the‘Inter, certainly the most sporting hated by the fans of the Old lady.

Paulo Dybala, the numbers with Juventus

From his arrival at the Juventus in 2015, Paulo Dybala he has had some successes. Five Scudetti consecutive, a final of Champions League reached in 2017 and many national cups his loot, but also the numbers highlight the importance of Joya in the Juventus chessboard, especially in the first few seasons and without the numerous muscular problems that played so much in the non-renewal of the contract.

At the moment Dybala is the third foreign scorer in the history of Juve with 113 goalsbehind only King David Trezeguet And John Hansen (171 And 124 goals respectively). With 113 goals he is also the tenth all-time of the Juventus. The closest to him at the moment is Roberto Baggio with 115 goals, the only one that can realistically reach between now and May. At the head of all, of course, His Majesty Alessandro Del Piero with his 290 goals.

Dybala he is also the third best European scorer in the Old lady behind only Del Piero And Trezeguet, the great couple of the two thousand. Since 2015, no one has had more appearances on the pitch for Juve than Dybala (283), even in front of people like Bonucci And Chiellini.

We conclude by saying that Joya is the sixth best Argentine scorer in Serie A history, with 96 goals scored between Palermo and Juve. At the top of the chart, needless to say, is the Lion King Batistuta with 184 goals, followed by Hernan Crespo.

Paulo Dybala, a Juventus-Inter between past, present and future

This match will be really special for Dybala, and then he will want to give his fans something special. On a mental level, however, we are sure that it will not be easy to compare, on the one hand, with his current fans, most of whom have been very impressed by the lack of renewal.

On the other hand, he will have his possible next fans, and then we will really be able to see the nerves of a champion who has never become absolute champion. Between Inter And Juventus over the years there have been sensational exchanges but also great flops, with jersey passes that have not always proved propitious.

Now all‘Inter there is Marottaa true dragon with zero parameters, and certainly won’t let it slip Dybala, for which, we bet, he will at least make an attempt to find an agreement and mock the intense international competition that is lurking. As reported today by the Corriere dello Sport, however, the Nerazzurri track is slowly cooling down, while the foreign hypothesis takes shape.

Juventus-Inter however it will still be the match of Dybalathe last one Derby of Italy from the Joya Argentina with the black and white shirt.



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