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In Spain Lewis Hamilton – like Gilles Villeneuve so many times in his career – proves that the victory is just an abstraction and that to count to judge a sample and how fights and certainly not how much he wins.

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The class is always the same

In Barcelona, ​​things went exactly like this for him, within a race held in such a way simply divine. With a personal performance that says so much about his intact class and, apparently, inurtate thrusts motivational. “It wasn’t a gamble to take middle school, considering I got hit by Kevin Magnussen after three corners. I think it was the right choice, we could have fought for the win, we had a great pace right on the medium tires. These are days that come to test us “.

These are the blaring and happy words of Lewis Hamilton after the competition, presumably the driver most questionedmost under pressure and tendentially and apparently the least motivated in this strange phase of the world championship, on the eve of the Spanish GP.

The reaction after the bad luck

Then everything had turned out in the worst way, for Hamilton himself, with his teammate Russell once again in front in qualifying and Magnussen who immediately after the start collapsed on him putting kappa a rubber, forcing him to a long and slow return to pit lane for replacement. Race over, then? Not at all. The bad luck suffered becomes prologue and occasion of imperial reaction, made up of a top driver’s race pace, with such effectiveness, humility and intensity as to make him put in an anthological comeback, to the sound of fast laps and frenzied overtaking. Up to making it wonderfully hook a fifth miraculous position, because it is cultured (re) starting from the twentieth. In a totally rush free of emergencies and Safety-Cartherefore ruthless and devoid of compensatory hooks against those who without blame had found himself chasing.

Russell doesn’t worry

Simply put, i twenty-two seconds of posting final by teammate George Russell need not worry at all, because, without all the time wasted with the rubber on the ground, presumably the young teammate Lewis could have given him the first bitter surprise of this vibrant and stimulating internal confrontation at Mercedes.

Where the W13, modified for the umpteenth time, retouched and turned upside down, finally begins to show clear signs of a positive reaction as well as of regained competitiveness on the track. Which demonstrates some very interesting and instructive things.

Food for thought

There first of which he says that Hammer is still a hammer and that if until now in this 2022 he had not hit a nail, the fault was ascribed only to the team, until he got a decent W13 at his disposal.

There second clearly says the house duel with Russell is very open and with a Lewis less unfortunate or no more hostage than the patterns taken innocently by Magnussen, things could end up well otherwisemaybe.

There third truth states that it is not Hammer who has existential problems, driving or skills, but it is George Russell who unleashes such monstrous performance, who presumably, with the same car with the very young Brit, who knows, even Max Verstappen would start asking a few questions. Remember how it all started?

Whoever finds a Russell finds a treasure

Of course yes. Having someone like George Russell around is not one of those things bring tranquility. Lewis Hamilton bitterly noticed this already at the end of 2020, when, positive for Covid, he was forced to see the alternate baby making havoc in Bahrain 2, fabulous on the track without making the captain regret it. Show such as to advise the old champion to do a gulp of Brufen to return immediately to the race in the final in Abu Dhabi to remove the Mercedes from the hands of the dangerous luxury reservist, who in three evenings of night-time races had cast more shadows than a bell tower on the hitherto immaculate superstation of Hammer.

The W13 is … Save

Returning to the news, at this point of the 2022 World Cup, the news emerging from Montmelò, Ferrari reliability bad luck apart – of course, and not saying little – for the rest they bring exciting news, especially from the parts of Toto Wolff.

There Mercedes W13 is a salvable single-seater, in terms of competitiveness. It will remain the worst and least exciting of the Silver Arrows in the turbo-hybrid era, certainly that game less well, but the team’s potential is so terrifying that by dint of working on it, they would make even a water heater fast.

The worst is over

As for Lewis Hamilton, not only in this championship, but for his epic as a champion himself, he needs days like this. Because after years and years in which he raced with Bottas as the only rival and an unbeatable Mercedes in his hand, seeing him now fighting hard with a car that is not irresistible and the eye of the tiger on the very wrong side of thirty, makes him infinitely more likeable , above all giving wonderful signals about his class and his attitude to want to return to fight for the positions that really matter, in the shortest time and in the best possible way. For this Lewis Hamilton, although only fifth in front of his companion Russell back on the podium, comes out of the overwhelming grid of Montmelò. Preparing to face the world championship from here on in the knowledge that the worst is over for him and Mercedes.

World reopened

Even if the words of Toto Wolff, who now even sees the challenge for the reopened iris, seem even exaggerated. But it does not matter. What matters is that in Barcelona Formula One, in addition to sharply changing two leaderships in as many current championships, has also found, as an exciting side effect, a great champion. Never as valid now, spendable and not at all tarnished, ready to show already from the weekend in Monaco that with a car in place he can go back to being the same legendary treader who had hypnotized the Abu Dhabi gp 2021 and the final of the previous world championship, up to that for him unfortunate Safety-car caused by Latifi. For this reason, Montmelò’s moral side is all in a line and a half, capable of giving further emotions thinking about the present and, above all, about the future. Boiled is not Lewisbut only those who have had the audacity to think boiled.

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