Wolff, total criticism of Michael Masi: that’s why he was a burden for F1 – News

Of the conduct of Michael Masi page after page filled up over the winter. And not only for the questionable ending in Abu Dhabi, having the former racing director produced much discussed, questionable interpretations, bordering on ferocious criticism, throughout 2021.

The FIA ​​has inaugurated a new course, signed by Ben Sulayem to the presidency and a different set-up on the F1 racing fields. Var, diarchy in the direction of the race, the figure of Herbie Blash’s expert consultant.

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Masi did not accept external opinions

The figure of Masi is back in the spotlight due to the criticisms made by Toto Wolff. The attack is direct and calls into question the entire style of management held by the former referee.

Four months after that controversial World Cup epilogue, Wolff comments to the PA news agency: “On the Wednesday before the Abu Dhabi race I had a lunch with him and told him how all that I wanted it to accept the criticisms and start from there to improve. ‘Lewis does it every day but you seem to be the one who knows more and more than the others.’

It wasn’t about influencing him but about giving him my honest feedback, which shouldn’t have stopped outside opinions and just branded them wrong. “

He paints the traits of an authoritarian direction, from the position of race director. Authority and authority are needed in applying the regulations but, obviously, openness to the evaluations of the pilots as a counterpart to the referee is essential.

Towards the pilots a lack of respect in the briefings

To say of Wolff, a missed opening in Masi. It is worth mentioning, by way of chronicle, diametrically opposed positions regarding the management of Masthe. Vettel, to speak of a rumor that broke a lance in favor of the former Australian race director, has often highlighted how the race director paid for the events in Abu Dhabi beyond his responsibilities, which were also regulations.

“You could hear from the pilots and how Masi conducted the briefings, some said he was almost disrespectful in the way he treated certain riders.

He was immune to any feedback and, even today, he did not adequately reflect that he had done something wrong“, continues the thrust of Toto Wolff.

Masi a weight for Formula 1

Mercedes, in the aftermath of the events in Abu Dhabi, threatened to appeal against the decisions of the race direction, except to adopt more mild advice with the guarantee given by the FIA ​​of an investigation into what happened. It was the last act of the Todt presidency, the first – the presentation of the results and the implementation of the corrective measures – of Ben Sulayem’s FIA.

It was a burden on the sport because everyone kept talking about Abu Dhabi and the race director; he is a figure that should not be talked about, rather someone who does his work and makes sure that the competition runs according to the regulations “Wolff comments on Masi.

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