Zak Brown ‘warns’ Monte-Carlo: “They have to adapt” – F1 Team – Formula 1

For years the discussion was not even on the table: the most fascinating, glamorous, spectacular GP – the one everyone wanted to win at least once in their career – was the Monaco GP. The city circuit par excellence, the one with walls just a few millimeters away and impossible overtaking, errors always around the corner and reliability severely tested. Now, in a Formula 1 where you also race in Las Vegas, on the Strip, and there are cars that are much heavier, wider and more reliable than those seen on the track until the 1990s and early 2000s, it’s hard not to open a reflection. on the futurability of the tender in the Principality. In fact, Monte-Carlo is now only ‘one of the’ city circuits on the calendar, but it is also the only one in which overcoming is objectively impossible.

Monaco has always been the most glamorous part of Formula 1. But I think venues like Miami, Singapore and Las Vegas are starting to add some pretty glamorous markets. [al calendario]”He commented to Reuters McLaren CEO Zak Brown. The Californian manager in the course of his long interview seemed to launch some sort of warning to the Monegasque circuithoping for a renewal of the track and even fearing a possible exit from the calendar, also considering that in 2022 the contract that binds the historic GP to F1 will expire. “I think Monte-Carlo needs to get to the same commercial terms as other GPs. Maybe they also need to think of ways they can adapt their track, because our cars have gotten bigger and fighting on that track is more difficult.“.

“It is necessary to take history into account – concluded Brown in his analysis regarding the tortuous route of the Principality – but I think it is also necessary take into consideration what is the show that is being staged. Finally, there is an element – which should not guide our decisions, but which must nonetheless be part of themwhich is that of the economic contribution that is made to sport. I’d rather have Monte-Carlo than not have it, but just like the sport is bigger than any driver or team, I think it’s bigger than any GP too. “.


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