Zerbin: ‘I support Inter, now I dream of Serie A with Napoli. Insigne? Useless comparison, he is the story! On the future … ‘| A league

Alessio Zerbin, offensive exterior class ’99 owned by Naplesis showing off this year with the shirt of Frosinone. Between past, present and future, here is Zerbin who tells himself to Chronicles of Dressing Room:

THE DEBUT – “The first game with the ‘grown-ups’ I did in the First Category at 15, with Suno, in the rain. Yes, I weighed 55 kilos, a twig with blond hair. At that time I was a tip, I went crazy for Torres “.

FROSINONE – “In Frosinone there is everything to grow, we want the playoffs, then who knows what will happen. The team is strong, the fans make the difference. In the top eight we only lost against Monza. We want to have something to tell.”

THE SPECIALTY – “The right to turn on the far post, it’s my clod, it comes naturally to me. This year I’m working harder on it, I will have kicked hundreds of times in training. I stop after the sessions. I try, I’m wrong, try again, I’m wrong again , maybe ten and twenty more times, but I never give up. As a big NBA fan I refer to a phrase of Michael Jordan: ‘I can accept defeat, but not give up trying’. It reflects me a lot. ”

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEMORY – “I had just been discarded by Inter after years in the youth academies, so I go to Suno, a football school affiliated with the Nerazzurri. At a certain point, after some training with the ‘bigs’, I find myself in the first team alongside the thirty-year-olds. played for a short hour. It was pouring rain, the pitch was a quagmire of water and mud, the shirt was on me three times, but it’s a flash that still excites me. Synonymous with sacrifice, even for my family. When I played for Inter Milan they were back and forth from Novara. My grandfather must have traveled thousands of kilometers to take me to Appiano. If I’m here, it’s thanks to them “.

INTER – “As a child I supported Inter. When the team lost I looked for excuses not to go to school. With the ’99 group we traveled around Europe: Spain, Holland, Czech Republic, France, Andorra. Ajax were very strong, maybe I will have faced also De Ligt. We are the same age. Pinamonti was also with us “.

GOODBYE IN 2013 – “They didn’t consider me ready, it happens, that’s why I never had a sense of revenge. I was good at starting again, I always believed in it. Today I have fun, I can’t say that ‘I work’. My father is a worker , while my mother works in a bakery. Yes, they work. ”

THE CARREER – “After Suno, Gozzano took me. In 2016, at the age of 17, they lined up my last match against Ligorna from 1 ‘: hat-trick. The following season I scored 5 goals in 17 games and then I signed with Napoli in January , after challenging Messias with Chieri. An unexpected sliding doors. There had been some discussions with Juve, but the Azzurri’s proposal was the most concrete. Four goals in 6 games in 2017-18, one of them at Manchester City . Brahim Diaz scored twice in the first leg. Foden had to be there too. Restarting from Serie D was the best thing ever. Many thought about failure, in reality it changed my life. It all started from there. ”

JOINTS – “Giuntoli called me to congratulate me after the goal scored against Pisa. I know he cares, he also showed it to me in the two retreats with Ancelotti and Gattuso.”

THE JOKES IN NAPLES – “One day, after a lost game, they made me throw me into a puddle as a punishment. Insigne hit me with a ball. Strong strong him, but the comparisons between us don’t make sense. I will discuss my future and what I play in his role, but Insigne is Insigne. Simply the history of Napoli “.

MERTENS – “At the end of training he gave me advice on how to kick. ‘Take the ball like this, put it like this’. It helped me a lot.”

BIG – “Every now and then I think about where I was on July 9, 2006. Me, my little brother and dad. My first memory of football. The coach talks little about his past, he is not one of those who gives examples of himself. We have a great relationship. If I have grown up so much I owe it to him. If I think of Alessio Zerbin from a month ago and that of today, there is no comparison. I am calm and pampered, they all love me “.

CATS – “Gatti will have a great future. Last year he marked me in Serie C, next year he will play for Juve. He deserves everything.”

SCAMACCA – “We played together in the Under 18. I remember an Italy-Denmark 4-4 in 2017, his brace and my assist. If I have to bet on a young player, I’ll name his”.

YOUNG PEOPLE – “I am 23 years old and I do not consider myself as such. The youngsters, for me, are 2002 and 2003. In Italy there is a different policy, but I am sincere and self-critical: 5 years ago I did not deserve to play in Serie B or in Serie A, now I can dream with full knowledge of the facts. I would like to play at high levels. ”

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